About Us

Pamporovo Funpark is one of the most quickly developing projects in the Pamporovo Resort, implemented in partnership with the TRS Pamporovo (a youth organization of freestyle snowboarders and skiers). The project started officially with the opening of the first line of the park in Season 2010-11, which quickly became a favourite of skiers and snowboarders. The main line offers various facilities, boxes, rails, turns and jumps, as the most attractive attraction is the only Half-Pipe in South-Eastern Europe with wall height 3,8 m and length - 105 m. During season 2011-12 the line was upgraded and extended, so that the half-pipe reached shapes and dimensions very close to the FIS standards. The favorable location of the Fun Park – in terms of access by lifts makes it easily accessible for both beginners and advanced skiers and snowboarders.


Line 1 (Main Line):

3m table top - 6m kicker - 3m kicker - 6m Quarter Pipe - 10m Step Up - 4m Step Up - 1m Step Up - Wall Ride - 5m PVC Pipe - Pyramid with metal “Oil barrel” - 6m King Rail - 6m Down Rail - 6m 60sm-wide Fun Box – 10m 30sm-wide flat- down Box.



Pro-Line 2 (Stenata-Studenets):

3m/5m kicker - 9m/12m kicker - A frame/ king box - 12m tabletop / PVC rocket 6m - PVC pipe (blip*)


Working Hours:

09:00 - 17:00 Lifts - 9:00 - 16:30 (last access)

funpark logo in snow